Still have 2 varieties of tomato plants. Both well suited to our desert climate. Young plants are $1. Also have more mature larger plants. Also have several types of veggie plants ready for transplanting. Beets, cucumbers, cantaloupe, yellow squash, pumpkin and peppers.Please text or leave voicemail. Thank you.
Bring your own carton or container and pick your mix $4 per dozen, $6 for 18. Gorgeous colors Light blue, turquoise, olive, light green, light and dark tans and light brown, white, cream and true eggshell colored Small cream colored as well for something different for your kids My hens eat complete organic feed and grains as well as lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and they live a good life ...
Fancy polish rooster. Great breeder beautiful show looking quality. Will be a year in spring.Hes getting too aggressive with our other roosters around. Asking $20Raised organically- will make a great rooster for a flock of hens. Not good for eating. Please text for more info or to come see him.
All organically grown. All healthy starts. All $1 each. Have cucumbers, beets, corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, beans and beets. Also have Big Max pumpkin starts. Asking $2.50 each.Large mature tomato plants also available.Please text or leave voicemail. Thank you.
Selling male and female lambs Corderos. They have all been organically fed. All ages available. Many are prefect for breeding. Take one or all Make me a reasonable offer. ThanksPrice $175Call Tags lamb, sheep, sheeps, ewe, ram, lamb, lambs, farm garden, pets, barbados, barbado, ewes, Cordero, oveja


Got a Korean yeonsan hen for sale she just started laying eggs very tame and gets along with other birds. Im asking for 100 for her my lost your gain any other questions feel free to message me. Thank youRelative to the ayam cemani breed the Korean yeonsan also has black meat bones and organs very rare breed of birds.
SPRING IS ALMOST HERE...And our Spring 2019 Plant Sale is onChoose from one of the largest selections of waterlilies in the USA Hardy and Tropical Waterlilies 100 varieties Ornamental Aquatic Plants 100 typesSave up to 50 on select Hardy and Tropical Waterlilies Bog Marginal PlantsCHOOSE THREE 3 HARDY or TROPICAL WATERLILIES - $50.00 HARDY TROPICAL BOG MARGINAL PLANTS from $5.00 eachDont miss o...